At Affilisearch our ethos is ‘we do the work so you don’t have to!’


We understand the subtle differences between an Affiliate Manager, Marketing Manager and SEO Manager position and never attempt to treat them as the same.

Typically we will see around 50-100 CV applications to any one role, from this our consultants will manually assess each CV for suitability and shortlist 10 candidates for telephone interview. Typically, from these 10 CV’s 3-4 will be sent forward to the client for consideration. From this 1-2 candidates will be invited for interview, and an offer will be made to one candidate. This saves an enormous amount of time for you the client from sieving through endless unsuitable CV’s that have not been pre-screened.

We separate ourselves from our nearest competitors by our ‘hassle free promise‘ that we offer to all our clients.

At Affilisearch we offer all clients our ‘hassle free promise‘.

100% of candidates passed through will be pre-interviewed personally
Only 3-4 CV’s are sent for any one position.
Total honesty and industry insight given on all job specifications.
Assistance given to write suitable job specs.
Professional services from start to finish.

No cold calls
No hard sell
No irrelevant CV’s
No endless amounts of CV’s

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Director Marketing, UK at Amazon Chodak’s help was invaluable in setting up our UK operation. He had a excellent supply of new talent. Chodak also took the time to understand the roles and worked clo…
Sanjay BalakrishnanDirector of Marketing UKAmazon