The Symbiotic Relationship Between Client and Recruiter

The simple things in life are most definitely free and don’t cost anything with your recruiter. 

You may notice that the majority of small to medium businesses are very successful with their recruitment compared to the large multi nationals and conglomerates.  Could this be because many still have that one to one relationship with their recruitment agency from conception through to completion? 

Being consistent with your chosen recruiter is key.  This tends to be easier for the small company where the head of department or line manager has the relationship with the recruitment agency.  However, things can get messy when multiple HR departments are involved and communication breaks down between department, HR and recruiter. 

At Affilisearch our number one tip to any size of company is don’t keep your recruitment agency and your candidates waiting too long for a response.  This applies at every stage of the recruitment process.  That perfect candidate you interviewed recently might be going to your competitors if you choose not to move quick enough.

Our number one tip is to be clear before you even start the recruitment process.  Have a clear plan of how you expect the process to go and follow it.  If things change or crop up be 100% transparent with your recruitment agency or recruiter.  Don’t leave them and the candidate guessing.

Clear communication all the way is the clearest way to success in recruiting any candidate.  It will also give the candidate and the recruiter faith in your company which will leave a lasting impression.

One bug bear of most recruitment agencies is when clients bombard them when they are desperate, with numerous phone calls for updates several times a day.  However, when the recruitment agency then want feedback on a candidate before or after interview the client cannot be reached for several days or even weeks. 

Remember it has to be a “give” and “take” relationship.  Don’t just contact your recruiter out of desperation, keep them updated, make regular contact be it via email or phone.  Most effective and highly skilled recruitment consultants will fully appreciate your time and dedication.  It shows that one you care and two you are serious. This can also be said for the recruitment agency as well.  It has to work both ways for the end goal to be reached ending in a successful job being offered and clients’ targets being met with ease and little stress and frustration.

So Affilisearch’s number one tip for a successful symbiotic relationship is communication!