Recruiters haven’t had the best reputation in recent years.

However, there seems to be somewhat of a revolution happening now in the industry. With bespoke recruiters like Affilisearch now pushing through the noise, and high street recruitment being on the decline, now really is the right time for employers to start using specialist recruitment agencies more than ever!

The role of the recruiter is vastly evolving, as market conditions and societal trends in the industry are fast changing. As far as we are concerned, along with most reputable agencies, it is imperative that we engage with our clients to understand their needs fully and the unique nature of the role for which they are recruiting. The mark of a great recruiter is to use that insight to go out and find the best talent to fill that role.

Gone are the days of high street agencies using CV matching databases that takes all the personality and expertise out of recruitment. Now is the time for the professional recruiter to shine and really show their expert knowledge of the client’s industry and expectations.

With the emergence of social media and websites such as LinkedIn this has also had an impact. From a recruiter’s perspective this has made life easier particularly with attracting people who are not actively looking to change jobs. However, more and more companies are attempting to recruit themselves via these methods, so recruiters will have to remain one step ahead to offer exceptional customer service and professional expertise in order to add value to organisations large and small.

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